Petition for GEAR Course Substitution

Office of the Registrar
General Education & All University Requirements (GEAR) cannot be waived, and substitutions of HSU courses that are not GE approved are not allowed. Petitions to substitute courses to satisfy GE require the signature of your major advisor, and review in the Office of the Registrar. Depending on the GE area and circumstances, additional approvals may be required.

Petition to Waive or Subsitute is used to request credit for courses which do not automatically transfer to HSU. Be prepared to describe in detail how the course you took addressed the specific guidelines and learning outcomes for the pertenent general education area. Required: Attach a course description or syllabus to your petition.

Routing Instructions: 

This petition uses Adobe Sign for routing and approval signatures. See Instructions for using Adobe Sign.

Gather HSU username emails for yourself and your advisor. You will be asked to enter these before initiating the form.