Category: Recruitment
Form Number Title/Detailssort descending Department Direct Link
Close Relative Disclosure Form PDF icon close_relative_disclosure_form_0.pdf

Conviction Disclosure Form PDF icon conviction_disclosure_form.pdf

Employment History Form Human Resources PDF icon employment_history.pdf

Employment Release of Information Form PDF icon release_of_information_form.pdf

APS Form 230 Form 230 - Visiting Faculty Position Request Academic Personnel Services Office spreadsheet icon form230_visitingfaculty.xls

APS Form 560 Form 560 - Temporary Counselor Transaction Form Academic Personnel Services Office spreadsheet icon form560_temp_counseling_appt.xls

Full-Time Temporary Faculty Position Request Sponsored Programs Foundation PDF icon form210_positionrequest_ftt.pdf

HSU Employment Application PDF icon employment_application_packet_v16_9-2016.pdf

HSU SPF - Voluntary Self-ID Form (Disability) Sponsored Programs Foundation PDF icon hsu_spf_-_voluntary_self-id_form_disability.pdf

HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation Job Vacancy EEO Disposition Form Sponsored Programs Foundation PDF icon disposition_form_9-26-19_fillable.pdf

Job Submission Form Marketing and Communications

Model Release Marketing and Communications PDF icon modelreleasesingle_2023.pdf

MPP Outside Employment Disclosure Form (HR 2016-06 & Attachment A) PDF icon hr_2016-06_and_attachment_a_-_mpp_outside_employment_disclosure_form.pdf

Offer of Appointment within 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) PDF icon form_5_within5percent.pdf

Request for Live Scan Service Form (Fingerprinting) PDF icon live_scan_form_bcia_8016_20211026.pdf

Form 5 Request to Vice President to Offer Appointment-Over 5% of Minimum Range (Form 5) PDF icon form_5_over5percent.pdf

Screening Matrix Office spreadsheet icon application_-_screening_matrix_-_asa.xls

Form 4 Selection Committee Hiring Recommendation (Form 4) PDF icon form_4.pdf

SPF Self-Identification Form for Job Applicants (EIF) Pre-Offer Sponsored Programs Foundation

Form 3 Staff Form 3: Interview Request PDF icon staff_form_3.pdf

University Police Department (Live Scan/Fingerprinting Information)