Intermittent Hourly Time Voucher

Form Number: 
PR 8

Payroll Fillable Form.

Routing Instructions: 

A separate time voucher must be completed for each pay period, account code, unit, department or division where work occurred. Employees must contact each employing department to determine deadlines for submission of vouchers. Departments must submit pay vouchers to Payroll on Due Dates for pay to be received on a timely basis. STATE LAW PROHIBITS ESTIMATING AND PROJECTING HOURS. Incomplete or erroneous vouchers will be returned to departments & may result in delayed pay. Vouchers must be completed in ink or typed. Time vouchers must have original signatures of supervisor and administrator, FAX copies cannot be accepted or processed. A signature authorization card must be on file in Payroll for both the supervisor and administrator signing this voucher. Employees may work a maximum of 40 hours per week. Any hours in excess of 40 hours must be in accordance with FSLA regulations. These hours include ALL employment paid by the State of California. The Work Week begins 12:01 a.m. Sunday and concludes 12:00 a.m. Saturday. An on-the-job accident or illness MUST be reported to your supervisor immediately. The supervisor MUST submit an accident report (STD 620 Form) and Employee Claim Form (DWC1 Form) to the University Human Resources Office within 24 hours of the accident or illness. *NON- JOB-RELATED ACCIDENT OTR ILLNESS To be eligible for Non-Industrial Disability Leave, an employee MUST be a member of the Public Employees Retirement System. Contact the Human Resources Office for further information. Inclusive pay period dates, paydays and department deadlines when time vouchers are due in the Payroll Office, are posted on the schedule on page two of this form.( Reference SAM 8512) Pay warrants are available on payday at the Cashiers Office, SBS Bldg., Room 285. Students MUST present their Identification before a warrant can be released.