Student Petition to Raise Unit Cap

Office of the Registrar

Use this petition to add classes beyond the 19-unit cap for the current semester. 

You may enroll in classes approved by this petition beginning the Saturday before classes begin. Enrollment availability is constantly changing. Approval of this petition does not guarantee an open seat or enrollment in any listed course. 

Routing Instructions: 

This form uses Adobe Sign for routing and signatures. See Instructions for using Adobe Sign.

  1. Build your DARS degree plan for all future semesters. You will need to attach a copy in Adobe Sign.
  2. Find your advisor's username email. You will need to enter it to route your form.  (Do Not use "name" emails with Adobe Sign.) This step does not apply to the Interdisciplinary Studies, Individualized Degree Plan (IDP).
  3. Find your major. IMPORTANT - use the correct form and routing for the college that offers your major.

Anthropology | Art | Communication | Cannabis Studies | Criminology & Justice Studies | Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies | Dance | English | Environmental Studies | Film |French & Francophone Studies | Geography | History | International Studies | Journalism | Music | Native American Studies | Philosophy | Political Science | Religious Studies | Sociology | Spanish | Theatre Arts

Petittion to Raise Unit Cap - College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Applied Fire Studies | Biology | Botany | Chemistry | Computer Science | Data Science | Energy Systems Engineering | Environmental Resources Engineering | Environmental Science & Management Fisheries Biology | Forestry | Geology | Marine Biology | Mathematics | Mechanical Engineering | Oceanography | Physics | Physical Science | Rangeland Resources | Software Engineering | Wildlife | Zoology

Petition to Raise Unit Cap - College of Natural Resources & Sciences

Business Administration | Child Development & Family Relationships | Economics | Elementary Education (Liberal Studies) | Kinesiology | Nursing | Psychology | Recreation Administration | Social Work

Petittion to Raise Unit Cap - College of Professional Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies, Individualized Degree Plan Concentration

Petition to Raise Unit Cap - Undergraduate Studies