Smoking Approval Request

Risk Management & Safety Services

To request approval of an exception for theater or ceremonial purposes, complete the Smoking Approval Request and submit it to the Director of Risk Management and Safety Services.

To request approval of an exception for the Institutional Review Board, contact

The following are exceptions to Executive Order 1108:

  • Smoking in university-sponsored theater and dance productions, student-authored or sponsored scenes, showcases or workshops produced as part of the department of theatre
  • Ceremonial campus events may be authorized by the President or designee only when a required part of a specific performance
  • Institutional Review Board approved research on tobacco or tobacco-related products
Routing Instructions: 

Original: Risk Management & Safety Services, SBS 345
Copies: UPD Dispatch, the Building Coordinator, and the Requestor
As Applicable: Clubs Office (if a student group is the requesting organization)