Petition for Transfer Course Equivalency

Office of the Registrar

Before you begin, review your DARS Audit for transfer courses already articulated. See for information on active articulations.
Contact the Office of the Registrar at or (707) 826-4101 if you need help deciding if you need to submit a petition.

This petition is only needed for transfer course equivalencies that are:

  • not already articulated in your Degree Audit Report (DARS) and
  • offered outside of your major department, such as a chemistry or math course for a biology major. Approval is required from the department that offers the equivalent or similar course.

For equivalent courses offered within your own major department (such as a biology course for a biology major) consult your major advisor about
a DARS exception.

Routing Instructions: 

This petition uses Adobe Sign for routing and approval signatures. See Instructions for Using Adobe Sign.

Gather Humboldt username emails for yourself, your advisor, and the chair of the department that offers the equivalent/similar course. You will be asked to enter these before initiating the form.