Major Change Request (TEST)

Office of the Registrar

This form is for students who have freshman, sophomore or junior standing to declare or change their major.

Routing Instructions: 

Step 1: Follow the link above and login to Adobe Sign. When you are prompted to sign in:

  • Click the option to “Continue with Google”,
  • Select or enter your account
  • Log in through myHumboldt.

Step 2: Enter recipients for routing and approval.  Enter Humboldt username emails (e.g., for:

  • Yourself (student)
  • the Department Chair (for new major)
  • the Department Support Staff (for new major)

Need help finding an Humboldt username email or spelling a name?  Try the Humboldt online directory. A list of Associate Deans, Department Chairs and Support Staff is available on the Academic Affairs website.

Step 3. Click Send and on the next page you will fill out the form, sign it, and send out for review.  

Step 4. Check your Humboldt email for confirmation.