Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Request

International Programs

While in the United States, students in F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant status must be continuously enrolled full time during the academic year until the completion of their programs of study. If you take a leave of absence, withdraw voluntarily, or required to withdraw from Humboldt, you must leave the United States, transfer to another F-1 or J-1 program, or obtain a change of non immigrant status. If you voluntarily withdraw and receive authorization by the Center for International Programs in advance, you are given 15 days to depart the US, transfer to another school or change your non-immigrant status. If you are disqualified or required to withdraw, or you do not receive the Center for International Programs authorization in advance, you have no grace period and are required to leave the United States immediately.

Routing Instructions: 

Drop off to front desk at Feuerwerker House (House 13).