Graduate: Application for Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation

Graduate Studies

Step 1. Open the Candidacy Attachment A: Proposed Graduate Course List (Google Drive). You will be directed to make a copy.  Fill in the list of courses for your program and save. You will upload this attachment in Adobe Sign. 

If your culminating experience is a comprehensive exam go to step 3.

Step 2. If your culminating experience is a project or thesis, open the Candidacy Attachment B: Project/Thesis Description (Google Drive). You will be directed to make a copy.  Enter the requested information and save.

You will need to upload this attachment in Adobe Sign. If you plan to use animals or humans in research, you must obtain approval to do so BEFORE filing for candidacy. You will need to attach IRB/IACUC documentation (if applicable) in Adobe Sign.

Step 3. Pay the graduation processing fee. Payments can be made online through your student center account via myHumboldt or through CASHNet Electronic Payments. See Make a payment on the Student Financial Services Website for instruction and additional options. Keep your receipt number. You will enter the number in Adobe Sign.

Step 4. Find username emails for your advisor and the graduate program coordinator. If your advisor is also the graduate program coordinator your second signer may be the department chair or one committee member chosen in consultation with your advisor. Use the Adobe Sign Directory to look up username emails.

Step 5. Double-check your attachments for accuracy. After you upload your documents in Adobe Sign, you will not be able make edits.

Step 6. Select the appropriate Application for Advancement to Candidacy form and Adobe Sign workflow,  based on your type of culminating experience. All forms MUST be submitted using one of these established workflows.

Step 7. Select “Continue with Google.

Step 8. When the workflow opens, read and follow the instructions to ensure your form routes correctly. (You may need to click on "more" if all the instructions are not visible.

Step 9. Before you sign your form, double-check your form for accuracy. If there are errors, your form may be canceled.

Some common errors that cause a form to be canceled are: 

  • incorrect graduation date
  • missing IRB number (attachment B)
  • missing IACUC number (attachment B)
  • missing or incorrect courses (attachment A) See the Degree Requirements in Grad Handbook for information
Routing Instructions: 

This form uses Adobe Sign for routing and approval signatures. See Instructions for using Adobe Sign (for Students)

Use the Adobe Sign Directory to find Humboldt username emails for everyone who needs to sign your form. You will be asked to enter these emails before initiating the form.