Educational Leave Request - Credential Candidate

Office of the Registrar

A student may request a leave of absence or educational leave from the University in order to pursue other educationally related activities or to clarify personal educational goals. Credential candidates must submit a request to go on leave to the Office of the Registrar (SBS 133). A student must attend at least one term prior to requesting a leave of absence. A leave of absence maintains continuing student status. A leave may be requested for one or two terms, but may be extended for an additional two terms (for a maximum of four terms) under special circumstances. An educational leave allows a student to maintain eligibility to enroll for the term immediately after the expiration of the leave without reapplying to the University. While on leave a student is not considered "enrolled" and is not eligible for any other services from the University. Registration information and deadlines for the term of return will be sent via the student's university email.

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