Student Award Request Form

Financial Services
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The University provides financial assistance to students from various funding sources. The financial assistance provided may be referred to as an award, stipend, scholarship, internship, tuition assistance,fellowship, or grant. Regardless of the funding source or term used, these payments are financial assistance to the student. In order to comply with governmental reporting requirements, all payments made to students must be processed through the PeopleSoft Student Financial Services module and posted to the Student's Account. To initiate a payment to a student from any department or business unit the requester completes a “Student Award Request Form”. The completed form is submitted to Student Financial Services (SBS 285) or Payments will be processed weekly by Student Financial Services. Once the payment is available,the student is notified by an email that a check is available for pick-up at the Cashiers' Office. If the Student has enrolled in direct deposit, the student receives an email notifying them that the funds are being transferred into their bank account. If the Student would like to enroll in direct deposit, this can be done by accessing their student center and clicking “Enroll in Direct Deposit” under the Finances section. Student Financial Services will share with the Financial Aid Department detailed information regarding this student award. The Financial Aid Department is required to include all financial assistance awarded to a students in their financial aid package.

Routing Instructions: 

The completed form should be submitted to Student Financial Services (SBS 285) or