SPF Travel Expense Claim (NEW 2023)

Sponsored Programs Foundation

To be completed by the SPF traveler within 60 days after the trip concludes. Submit this document by uploading it as one part of the SPF Travel Reimbursement.

Routing Instructions: 


Humboldt SPF related travel expenses can be submitted through a DocuSign PowerForm located here.

Are you submitting the Travel Reimbursement on behalf of your PI or someone else? If yes, use this version instead!

Once you begin signing, you will be prompted to attach this 'SPF Travel Expense Claim' along with receipts and supporting documentation for all expenses listed in your reimbursement. In the case of mileage, you'll also be asked to attach a ‘Google Map’ or equivalent demonstrating the number of miles claimed.

Please be sure to have all three items completed in advance and ready to upload BEFORE starting the DocuSign PowerForm.

Once completed, the packet will be automatically routed to Humboldt Accounts Payable for processing. If you have any questions while completing either of these forms, please reach out to your Post-Award Grant Analyst.

*Please Note - the signature fields have been removed from this version of the SPF Travel Expense Claim (PDF). All approvals and certifications will be obtained through DocuSign when you upload this completed form at the time of submission.