SPF Conflict of Interest template form for PHS NSF and other Federal Funders

Sponsored Programs Foundation

In accordance with Sponsored Programs Foundation policy on Conflict of Interest, the Principal Investigator and all other investigators must disclose their personal significant financial interests (and those of their spouse/registered domestic partner and/or dependent children) related to their institutional responsibilities. This includes the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, Senior and Key Personnel, and any other individual who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research funded by the Public Health Service (PHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), or other sponsors that have adopted the federal requirements for financial disclosure. The information contained in this form may be released or transmitted to the sponsor, including federal agency representatives, and in accordance with the California Public Records Act, it may also be released to the public upon request.

Routing Instructions: 

Complete and return to Kathleen Whiteside, Compliance Officer in the Sponsored Programs Foundation. For questions contact Kathleen at 707-826-5161.