SPF Close Relative Disclosure Form

Sponsored Programs Foundation

The general policy of SPF is to avoid the employment of related persons in positions where they would have a supervisory relationship with each other, where they would have the same immediate supervisor, or where the nature of their working relationship would be such that their employment might hamper the effective discharge of review responsibilities.

Routing Instructions: 

Complete this form if you have a close relative who works at Cal Poly Humboldt or Sponsored Programs Foundation. Such "related persons" include: husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, step-relatives or in-laws in the same relationships, or any person residing in the employee's household. However, the employment of such persons is not prohibited and may be approved by Humboldt SPF management or the Board of Directors. Approval may be granted if the benefits to the project outweigh any potential risk, at the sole discretion of Humboldt SPF.