Incentives Program Request for Applications (RFA)

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The purpose of the Humboldt Faculty Research Incentive Award Program is to stimulate tenured/tenure-track faculty members to develop and submit full proposals to external funding agencies and organizations for research and educational projects. Applications to develop full proposals on any fundable topic are eligible providing they seek to advance or promulgate the mission of Humboldt. In accepting an Award, a Principal Investigator (PI) commits to develop and submit a full proposal for external funding through the campus research office.

Applications seeking assigned time funding to develop new, previously un-submitted full proposals shall be considered; applications seeking assigned time to revise and re-submit existing proposals shall not be considered.

Routing Instructions: 

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Application Deadline to your College Dean: 5:00 p.m., Friday, January 18, 2019. Please combine all the required materials and submit them directly to your college Dean by or before the stated deadline.