Form 600: Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) Appointment Form

Form Number: 
APS Form 600 - ISA
Routing Instructions: 

The Submitter (generally an ASA/ASC in the department) will be entering and submitting the appointment detail into the e-Form 600. After the e-Form 600 has been submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the Submitter with a link to the form so he/she may track the status. An automatic e-mail will also be sent to the Supervisor/Lead Worker notifying him/her that an e-Form 600 was submitted, and will provide him/her the link so he/she may review and approve the appointment. Once the Supervisor/Lead Worker reviews and approves the appointment and hits the Submit button, an e-mail is sent the Department Chair/Director so he/she may review and approve the appointment. After the Chair/Director submits their approval of the e-Form 600, an e-mail is sent to Academic Personnel Services (APS) who will perform a compliance review, and if acceptable, will approve the form. Once the form receives APS approval, an e-mail is sent to the student providing them with their official appointment notification. Copies of this notification are also sent to the Submitter, Supervisor/Lead Worker, and Chair/Director thus providing clearance for the ISA to begin work on or after his/her appointment start date. Please remember, sign-up paperwork must be completed in Human Resources (required for new hires, or those returning after a break of more than one year) prior to starting work.