Aquaculture Event 9/9/13

Sponsored Programs Foundation

The Office of Research, Economic & Community Development is hosting a visit by representatives of NOAA and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to discuss aquaculture. This will be an opportunity to discuss how Humboldt’s interests in aquaculture can be tied to the aquaculture efforts at the state and national levels. The representatives are especially interested in meeting with faculty interested in aquaculture-related issues.

The attendees include:

  • Dr. Michael Rubino, NOAA Director of the Aquaculture Office in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Dr. Michael Rust, NOAA Science Coordinator in the Office of Aquaculture
  • Diane Windham, NOAA Southwest Regional Aquaculture Coordinator
  • Randy Lovell, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife State Aquaculture Coordinator
Routing Instructions: 

Informational Only.