Travel Expense Claim - 2020

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This form is set up to calculate mileage reimbursement rates from 1/1/20 and after. If you are claiming mileage 12/31/19 and prior, you will need to use the Travel Expense Claim Form - 2019.

NOTE: This is a pdf form which works in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If using Chrome, you would need to save the form first and then open up your form in order for the calculations to work properly.

Refer to the Travel website for a sample of "How to Complete a Travel Expense Claim".

    Documentation for airfare charges should contain proof of payment. Keep your boarding pass to attach to your travel expense claim, as this is proof of travel.
    Hotel receipts must be original and "itemized" showing the daily charges.
    Any meal $75.00 and above requires an original "itemized" receipt. If your meal is charged to your hotel bill, you must also attach the itemized receipt to your travel expense claim.
    Any reimburseable items costing $75.00 or more requires an itemized original receipt.
    Although you are not required to submit receipts for charges under $75.00 with your travel claim, it is highly recommended that you keep all travel-related receipts. It is your supervisor's responsibility to review/verify the expenses being claimed. If in doubt, keep your receipts.
    All Travel Expense Claims must contain approval signature(s).
    (For travel 100 miles or more each way: An approved Request for Authorization to Travel form should have already been submitted to SBS 345 prior to travel. Indicate the Travel Authorization number on the Travel Expense Claim for easier reference.