SPF Separating Employee Clearance Form

Sponsored Programs Foundation

Because of the short time frame for fulfillment of grant and contract responsibilities, California law specifies that employment within grants, contracts, and trust agreements, with a university foundation is temporary employment. Accordingly, either the employee or HSU SPF can terminate the employment relationship at will at any time, with or without cause. All appointment documents signed by new employees confirm their "at will" employment status. All projects within HSU SPF are encouraged to provide two weeks’ written notice of employment actions. Any oral or written statements or promises to the contrary are not binding upon HSU SPF, unless agreed to in writing by HSU SPF's management and/or its Board of Directors.

Supervisors are required to submit a Separating Employee Clearance Form on behalf of their employee 2 weeks prior to their last day of employment accompanied by their final Timesheet/Level of Effort. ALL Categories of HSU SPF employees must be separated upon their employment ending. This is to ensure applicable benefits (e.g. sick leave, vacation, etc…) do not continue to accrue past the end of their appointment. If you have any questions regarding the separation process please contact our office for clarification prior to taking any action.

Routing Instructions: 

This form must be completed as directed, then return the original form to Sponsored Programs, SBS 427.