Access Request Form (ARF)

ITS Administrative Support

This section requires information for the person requiring access. Complete all information including the Employee ID number which is provided by Human Resources for all new employees. For non HSU persons, visit the ITS Website to complete an Account Request in order to generate an HSU ID. Please ensure when entering a username that an HSU email alias is not used (For example, use abc12 rather than ann.cox). The department and department ID listed in this section should be the department for which the user is requesting access.
2. Select "REQUEST"
Indicate if the requested access is for a first time user (New Access), an update to access for an existing user indicate if they are in the same position or transferring departments, or a request to delete all permissions in a system (Remove all access).
Indicate whether the employee is an HSU Employee, HSU Student Worker, or Non-HSU/Auxiliary.
4. Select "ROLES"
Select the Business Unit (BU), Enterprise System, Role, and action associated with each. The Access Grantor will be automatically filled in based on your selections. A complete list of roles is listed below these instructions.
5. Enter "CONTACT"
If the person to contact regarding the request is different from the supervisor, please enter a contact person and phone extension.
6. Sign "APPROVAL"
After completion of Steps 1-4, the form should be forwarded by the supervisor of the person being granted access to The supervisor's electronic approval certifies that the user requires access to data within the listed system(s) to perform their job duties, that the user has signed the Humboldt State University Confidentiality Statement, and that the signed Confidentiality Agreement was submitted to the Vice-President of Administrative Affairs.
If the user will enter and/or approve Purchase Requisitions, their supervisor must also ensure that a signed Signature Authority form (go to Procurement's forms site and scroll down to the current year's form) was sent to Procurement.

Once the email is received the user should expect access in a maximum of seven business days. The form will be routed to the Access Grantor(s) listed on the form for electronic approval and then sent to the Technical Security Administrator(s) for security setup. The user and a contact will receive email notifications as the form routes through the appropriate people.

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the completion of appropriate training for the requested roles. Humboldt State University's Training & Professional Development offers a variety of classes and has produced a number of job aids.

If you have questions about the form, need the list of a current employee's roles, or need assistance with identifying training resources, please contact the Functional Security Administrator at 826-5080. For assistance determining the correct security role, please contact the access grantor which is listed above each role in the Security Roles List.

Routing Instructions: 

Supervisor send completed form to This form will not work if you are opening in Chrome. Try using Firefox or Internet Explorer.